The Best Total Body Cleansing Program In Florida!

When you come in for your first appointment you are greeted by your Colon Therapist and Owner of Westchase Colonics, Missy Belmonte in a lovely Spa like setting.

Your first health lesson starts immediately with your full 30 minute health review to discuss the very important Detox diet. You may also bring in any or all of your supplements/vitamins/meds as we may go over those during this time together. Missy worked for over 10 years at both Whole foods and Abby’s Health and Nutrition and more in the nutrition department as well as having received formal training in Nutrition school.

Next you will partake in a lovely Cedar Far Infrared Detox Sauna Session for 30 minutes.

Far Infrared has amazing detox qualities and a very deep cleansing will provide an orderless sweat, all towels and electrolyte beverages are always provided! We have found that a deep penetrating heat relaxes all your muscles including your colon muscles making for an even more productive colonic session! Your sauna treatment is always included every time you come!

Last you are ready for your Colonic…….we go very slowly, with purified clean warm water using a safe, efficient, odor free, closed system. We may harbor pounds of stored fecal matter and it feels so good finally getting it out! The Colon Therapy session itself may take anywhere from 30 min. to an hour depending on how well you are releasing.

  1. 3 Natural Health Discussions
  2. 3 30-45 min. Far Infrared Saunas
  3. 3 30-45 min. or longer Closed System Colonic Sessions
  4. All your towels and electrolyte/mineral/probiotic drinks provided every session
  5. Amazing Hours of Operation M-F 11am-8pm. Sat: 12-3pm

All For Only $279.00!!!! It’s do-able, so do it now!

Worth so much more!!!!

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    The State of Florida requires that all who wish to practice as a Colon Hydrotherapist must complete and maintain a Florida State Massage Therapy license prior to attending Colon Therapy School. The Curriculum in the Florida Massage Program incorporates more Anatomy and Physiology than any other program in the nation as well being the only state to License Therapists in the Country. Finally, one is allowed to enter Colon Therapy School which is a study specific to the entire Digestive System....though not all Colon Therapists practice massage, everyone must maintain license by following all laws and policies as well as attend and complete all continuing education classes every two years. Yes, all the required education is worth it, you can be rest assured that receiving treatment from a Florida Educated Colon Therapist will be well worth your while, safety, talent and safety.
    Westchase Colonics does not intend to diagnose, teat, or cure any form of disease and if under Doctor's care for serious disease clients must have approval in written form for program at Westchase Colonics.