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Westchase Colonics, recently moving to its new location at 12513 Bassbrook Ln in Tampa, works towards informing the Tampa Bay Area about the importance in cleansing, detoxifying and working towards achieving natural digestive health. Owner Missy Belmonte, licensed colon therapist (CT), has a passion for helping people along their journey in reaching a healthier, more natural state of health through a system that rids the colon of toxic buildup. Westchase Colonics offers the guidance, knowledge and take-charge action necessary in reaching transformative and lifechanging health benefits. Missy’s passion for leading a healthy lifestyle and her full belief in the benefits from cleansing through colon hydrotherapy, stems from her own personal life experiences. When Missy was in her midtwenties she began feeling tired, achy, worn-down and foggy. After missing out on work from debilitating symptoms, Missy pursued a mission to find the reason behind her illness. She found that she had developed Systemic Yeast Overgrowth called Candida, due to excess amounts of sugar and yeast and/or overuse of antibiotics, and according to, “Systemic Candida overgrowth has become a virtual epidemic, affecting millions of people.”

Once Missy realized that she needed to take charge of her body, she did just that; a change from her normal diet to a healthier, more wholesome regimen reduced Missy’s Systemic Candida symptoms by 80% within 8 weeks. Missy says, “Growing up in California, I was always aware of natural health and lifestyles, but it wasn’t until I became very sick and healed many of my personal ailments that I decided to go back to school. When I was able to heal myself I knew that I really wanted to teach others.”

At 27, Missy signed up to attend Nutrition School in Napa Valley and soon after, moved to Florida where while working at Whole Foods in the Nutrition Department, Missy met her role model, Brenda Watson, the proprietor of cleansing products called ReNew Life. “I found that many people were in search of colon cleanses to rid themselves of toxins and heavy metal buildup,” says Missy. “From GMOs to the overuse of antibiotics, to very little nutrients in our soil, we are being assaulted daily with chemicals in everything. In fact, according to a report by WHO, The World Health Organization, ‘1/4 of Global disease is caused by environmental toxins.’ Once I realized this I began searching for my own colon hydrotherapist to further detox my body.” Missy says that after only six colonic treatments she was shocked at how amazing she felt.

“I knew then that I wanted to pursue becoming a colon hydrotherapist to help people feel better in the same way I did,” shares Missy. “The truth is our bodies are not designed to endure the daily intrusion of chemicals ingested, from our food to the water we drink and bathe in…colonic therapy helps rid the body of those excess chemicals and toxins.”

The state of Florida requires all Colon Therapists to first be licensed in Massage Therapy before ever enrolling in school. Missy says, “I have so much respect for CTs and MTs in the state of Florida. The program they attend is rigorous and comparable to pre-med A & P classes, which allows the student to really understand how the body works.”

Everyone Benefits from Westchase Colonics:

Westchase Colonics is composed of an aesthetically pleasing, relaxing, spalike atmosphere. You are always greeted by Missy and will always receive individual attention from her. Missy’s professionalism and attention to client needs is stellar; she will always be the only therapist you deal with at Westchase Colonics. Her gracious welcome and expansive knowledge will immediately ease any apprehensions you may have about your visit.

Upon your arrival, Missy will have you fill out a patient intake form, which will help her understand your medical and health history, as well as your current lifestyle in order to help you receive full benefits from your colonic cleanse. When you are finished with your form, Missy will guide you into her office to have a one-on-one halfhour (or longer) session that will break down the steps to your treatment, answer any questions you may have and discuss the importance of ridding your body of toxic buildup.

At Westchase Colonics, you are set in a completely relaxing atmosphere; Missy truly wants all clients to feel atease during visits. Once you finish speaking with Missy, she will lead you into the sauna room where an infrared thermal system awaits. Missy treated me to a 45- minute infrared sauna session and the experience was wonderful. My body was relaxed and my mind found peace; you will love the sauna treatment, which allows you to have complete “me” time. What makes the infrared thermal system unique? Infrared radiant energy releases out of panels within the steam-free sauna and penetrate the body’s tissues up to two inches deep; you are literally heated up from the inside. The energy output from the sauna is tuned to correspond with our body’s natural radiant energy and induces 2-3 times more sweat output than a traditional sauna. Missy compares her infrared system to a “medical sweat,” clearing toxins out of the body through the release of a heavy sweat session. The sauna will completely relax you and is a great purification tool before your colonic session. After my sauna treatment, my skin glowed for days; the sauna is an excellent purifier and increases blood circulation – what a wonderful gift! During your sauna treatment you will be in a clean towel, receive water with electrolytes and once you have completely relaxed and sweat out toxins, you will wrap yourself in a new clean, fresh towel and head to the colonic room for further cleansing treatment.

Westchase Colonics has a bright, cheery office, allowing patients to relax
in a comfortable stress-free setting.

ompletely relax you and is a great purification tool before your colonic session. After my sauna treatment, my skin glowed for days; the sauna is an excellent purifier and increases blood circulation – what a wonderful gift! During your sauna treatment you will be in a clean towel, receive water with electrolytes and once you have completely relaxed and sweat out toxins, you will wrap yourself in a new clean, fresh towel and head to the colonic room for further cleansing treatment.

“Seeing someone transform from feeling ill, lethargic and depressed to complete vigor, lightness and vitality is very rewarding,” says Missy. “I understand what it feels like before and after a healthy detox – helping people reach this healthier, lighter feeling is the reason I love, love, love what I do!”

The machine used for your closed system colonic treatment is a class two medical device that utilizes gentle pressurized water to clear out the colon from toxins and buildup. The pressurized water works to exercise the colon muscles, which also may unravel any twisting of the colon that may be present and ultimately help to retrain the bowel. All fecal matter within the bowel is toxic. Other problems occur when the excess matter seeps through the colon wall and into other areas of the body. Colon hydrotherapy clears out that excess toxic waste and gives overall improvement to bowel muscles. Three sessions within a 10-day time frame are usually needed to clear the bowel completely. Some may require more sessions, due to many years of medication use and overall poor health that contributes to years of constipation. Missy covers every detail of the program. She even helps you plan a colon-cloggingfree diet. Missy says, I am going to be 45 this summer and I feel much healthier and energetic than in my 20s, since I’ve been aware of the importance of healthy cleansing over the last 15 years.” Missy detoxes about twice a year using the same colonic hydrotherapy treatment and protocol her patients receive.

If you are looking to improve your overall wellbeing, health and energy, you will be greatly satisfied with the upscale purifying program at Westchase Colonics. Janet from the Westchase area says, “I was nervous at the thought of having a colonic but Missy was so helpful and reassuring. I’m so thankful I can go to a place where I really feel right at home.”

Missy’s dedication to helping people take charge of their health is inspirational. She holds seminars at her office consistently in order to teach people how to better their lives through natural digestive health and detox, and she lectures throughout the Tampa Bay Area from health stores to chiropractic offices to networking events. Clients are constantly learning while visiting Westchase Colonics through literature and discussion, which offers unbeatable prices for the treatment and learning experience you receive. The professionalism, the beautiful Far Infrared Cedar Full Body Sauna treatment and colonic therapy will have you feeling youthful, clean, light on your feet and holistically happy.

Westchase Colonics is located at 12513 Bassbrook Ln in Tampa. Please call (813) 749-0858 to speak with Missy and visit for more information on services and a list of FAQ. Missy Belmonte is a Florida licensed Colon Therapist (MA53002).

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    The State of Florida requires that all who wish to practice as a Colon Hydrotherapist must complete and maintain a Florida State Massage Therapy license prior to attending Colon Therapy School. The Curriculum in the Florida Massage Program incorporates more Anatomy and Physiology than any other program in the nation as well being the only state to License Therapists in the Country. Finally, one is allowed to enter Colon Therapy School which is a study specific to the entire Digestive System....though not all Colon Therapists practice massage, everyone must maintain license by following all laws and policies as well as attend and complete all continuing education classes every two years. Yes, all the required education is worth it, you can be rest assured that receiving treatment from a Florida Educated Colon Therapist will be well worth your while, safety, talent and safety.
    Westchase Colonics does not intend to diagnose, teat, or cure any form of disease and if under Doctor's care for serious disease clients must have approval in written form for program at Westchase Colonics.