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“Who Comes To Westchase Colonics? Everyone!”

“Cleansing” has become a modern day neccesary part of American life if we are to prevent many of today’s chronic and even acute illnesses. Never before have we endured as a nation this amount of cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism, auto immune conditions, diabetes, heart disease, allergies, asthma, depression, constipation, someone you know right now has one of these new (very common in the last 20 years) diseases.

It is our job to take care of our health by eating a chemical free diet and reading food labels, working out, sleeping well, drinking plenty of toxin free water, and of course regular cleansing of the body inside and out.

Westchase Colonics caters to everyone, from the parent supervised teenager to the Professional Athlete, from women of all ages to our grandparents!

"In your lifetime you will meet thousands upon thousands of different people; a handful of which will leave a lasting impression that will forever change your perspective on life. For me, one of those people has been Missy Belmonte from Westchase Colonics. Missy is such an amazingly beautiful person, on both the inside and the out, and really has made a significant impact on my life, in more ways than one. And, it’s not just me; I’m sure if you go through the multitude of her clients, both past and present, they will all say the same thing!"

"First and foremost I would consider Missy an educator and a friend, offering guidance, knowledge and the take-charge action necessary for you to reach a healthier state of being complete with transformative and lifechanging health benefits. I first came to Missy for a multitude of different reasons, and through her approach I learned so much more than I ever thought possible and after a few weeks of treatments I felt refreshed and renewed – cleansed of all the harmful toxins that had polluted my body for so long."

If you are looking to improve your overall wellbeing, health and energy, you will be greatly satisfied with the upscale purifying program at Westchase Colonics."

Janet from the Westchase area says, “I was nervous at the thought of having a colonic but Missy was so helpful and reassuring. I’m so thankful I can go to a place where I really feel right at home.”

By Alexis Selby

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    The State of Florida requires that all who wish to practice as a Colon Hydrotherapist must complete and maintain a Florida State Massage Therapy license prior to attending Colon Therapy School. The Curriculum in the Florida Massage Program incorporates more Anatomy and Physiology than any other program in the nation as well being the only state to License Therapists in the Country. Finally, one is allowed to enter Colon Therapy School which is a study specific to the entire Digestive System....though not all Colon Therapists practice massage, everyone must maintain license by following all laws and policies as well as attend and complete all continuing education classes every two years. Yes, all the required education is worth it, you can be rest assured that receiving treatment from a Florida Educated Colon Therapist will be well worth your while, safety, talent and safety.
    Westchase Colonics does not intend to diagnose, teat, or cure any form of disease and if under Doctor's care for serious disease clients must have approval in written form for program at Westchase Colonics.