Finding a great Colon Therapist who understands your concerns, listens well, comforts your unease, teaches and expects long lasting results with her vast knowledge and talent as well as being down to earth in her approach is what you would hope to find in any therapist. You will get that with Missy at Westchase Colonics!

The colonic treatment may feel very different for the first timer, but Missy remembers her own first time and coaches you through it getting wonderful results and making your first time better than you thought! Now, the Benefits ……oh, the benefits!

  1. May release several pounds of blocked/stored fecal matter over series of treatments
  2. Retrain/tonify lazy and atrophied colon muscles
  3. Flatten belly
  4. Prevent the toxic stool from traveling into the bloodstream
  5. Strengthens immune system by ridding the body of toxins/chemicals
  6. Creates room to allow the Good Bacteria to colonize
  7. Helps to clear up brain fog and lightens mood
  8. Increases energy level
  9. Better skin
  10. A Good Colon Therapist is one that will want to do everything in her power to help you to learn to poop more efficiently on your own! You may return for 3 every season for maintenance but if you do everything right the first time 3-6 sessions, you may only need to come twice a year to prevent today’s world of toxic build up.
  11. As Missy’s client you are free to call in any day of the year for advice on natural digestive health, food, supplements and so on!

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    The State of Florida requires that all who wish to practice as a Colon Hydrotherapist must complete and maintain a Florida State Massage Therapy license prior to attending Colon Therapy School. The Curriculum in the Florida Massage Program incorporates more Anatomy and Physiology than any other program in the nation as well being the only state to License Therapists in the Country. Finally, one is allowed to enter Colon Therapy School which is a study specific to the entire Digestive System....though not all Colon Therapists practice massage, everyone must maintain license by following all laws and policies as well as attend and complete all continuing education classes every two years. Yes, all the required education is worth it, you can be rest assured that receiving treatment from a Florida Educated Colon Therapist will be well worth your while, safety, talent and safety.
    Westchase Colonics does not intend to diagnose, teat, or cure any form of disease and if under Doctor's care for serious disease clients must have approval in written form for program at Westchase Colonics.